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I Believe....

I believe in music and that its healing power can save your soul.

I do not believe in reality television, politicians, or televangelists.
I believe in the 4 day work week, mid-afternoon naps and road trips.

I believe that heartbreak and pain are a necessary part of life that should make you stronger, not weaker.

I believe in the innocence of a child and that everyone should strive to return to that place. Even though it is an impossible journey.

I believe in mother nature and that, at times, I’ve been very bad to her.

I believe the bad decisions and mistakes I’ve made have made me a better person.

I don’t believe in worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Right here, right now, make more sense to me.

I believe that Jesus probably would have won awards with his wine.

I believe Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive.

I believe in love at first sight, cleavage and candle light.

I believe in me.

What do you believe in?